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 Our History:

  The WorkTiger concept, like so many business ideas, was born out of a real need to match competent experienced laborers to homeowners. The concept was inspired by our friend Jeff Koch, who met a gentleman in his neighborhood that offered to remove his tree that was lying in his front yard. He offered to haul away the fallen tree at a negotiated price, which was reasonable. Jeff hired the gentleman, and was satisfied with his service. Jeff then wondered how many other workers were looking for jobs, and how many homeowners were searching for right priced skilled labor. This story inspired us to develop an internet site that "works for you!"

 Our Philosophy:

  Our Philosophy is centered around leveling the playing field for both consumers and service providers. WorkTiger believes that customers deserve choices among high quality service providers. We also believe that service providers deserve choices too. That's why WorkTiger brings jobs to service providers and allows them to choose the best fit for their expertise. The site is a win for everyone!
 Contact Us:

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